We received a letter from a friend of Geomagic today, recapping all that has happened since the March 11th earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, that we wanted to share with all of you. It has only been two weeks since the catastrophic events that unraveled in front of our eyes on the TV and internet, and stand in awe of the resiliancy, calm, and professional manner of which the people of Japan have handled this crisis. This letter comes from Soma city, of the Fukushima Prefecture, and is a reminder that they are still in need of our support. Please take a few moments to read how Chikako has seen things through her eyes, and if possible, provide whatever help possible to the Soma city.


Hello, How are you?

I firstly would like to thank everybody who has given me a very warm support and kind words since this earthquake happened on March 11th.

Since then I have been working for Soma city in Fukushima prefecture where my close friend`s family is from originally.
The family called out for help so us friends and family have come together to help.

Everyone is suffering greatly by this disaster but Fukushima prefecture especially is having a triple crisis, earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant.
Earthquake smashed all the houses and buildings down, tsunami washed everything I mean everything away and now the nuclear power plant problem.

Because of this triple crisis, not enough help was given to the small cities
so we have been sending food, medicines and other necessities which people needed immediately.

My friends, two brothers have gone into the city themselves spoke to the mayor built our own pipeline into the city in order for us to deliver the goods directly to those who were in serious need otherwise it could not have been done in this chaos which nobody had experienced before.

In the area, no journalist has come in yet because of radiation scare and bad access to the city. Other parts that is on news or on TV naturally gets more attention so help is still imbalanced and goods have not reached to some areas.

Because we were so desparate to get people`s attention I contacted CNN and they aired it
on Piers Morgan Tonight 2 days ago. Here`s the link.

Ghost town bit is sad but that is the truth, it needs lots of help to restore. I`m going to continue contacting CNN and try to get as much true infomation about this disaster as possible.

Dr.Shinmei has set up a donation account in coordination with Soma city so the money goes directly into the city. If any of you would like to donate, that`d really be a great help to them who lost everything. To ensure the highest degree of transparency, reports on the receipt and use of funds will be posted on the Soma City website. It is also listed on Piers Morgan blog site as well.
But please be note that the city is no where near at that stage just yet, we will do our very best to post it as quick as possible but it might take awhile.

Anybody who can give me advice or help from abroad I`ll try and direct you to the right organization or governance body or to Soma city so please let me know.

I just wanted to express that situation is still difficult and Japan needs lots of help to restore, but people are trying to move forward, trying to get together, trying to be positive.
We hear lots of good news too. It is not my intention to make you all sad or feel sorry, but please please support us in positive way, spread good
chain of friendship to people beyond borders, that is my wish. At the beginning it was only a very small number of people doing this, but it grew so big so rapidly, other people who we don`t know,
volunteers and students have joined the group. I was so touched and so moved by everyone`s will of goodness.

By doing this it really made me see things clear that though us as regular citizens can do something and should do something in crisis like this. People really have good hearts and that heart really help those who are in need.

We are also planning on long term restoration aid too which I hope soon be able to let you all know.

Brothers are still there even today helping people out, please pray for them and support Japan!!

~Chikako Kurokawa