It is on everyone’s lips, the most discussed advertising campaign of the moment: commercial spots, online banners, print ads and every kind of events of the Dutch Radio 538 are all dominated by two indefinable, upsetting presences. Originated from the fertile imagination of Dutch BSUR (Be as you are) advertising agency, the creative concept finds its most garish and unexpected expression in stereoheads, designed together with Gordana Lucic & Roger Matena (BSUR) & Janne Kyttanen (Freedom Of Creation).

The protagonist couple of the Radio 538 campaign, two young wild boys, wears headgears a mysterious alien fascination, with the features of a ghettoblaster and a pop and punk helmet, something really never seen before.

The Radio 538 advertisement campaign gadget is a rebel object, it is music to wear and to hide under, a sound helmet opposing the MP3 players’ tendency of trying to become a tiny and neutral, almost invisible object.

Freedom Of Creation has produced a limited series of these funky objects, by using advanced 3D printing technologies – a production process generating tri-dimensional objects from computer 3D data – allowing manufacturing without the need of developing moulds in processes that are both time and money consuming.

If you are an advertisement or marketing company and wish to understand more what Freedom Of Creation can offer for you, please contact Michiel Dekkers.