Dutch designer Ted Noten has created the first design brief for FOC Talents. The first Talents assignment is related to the RING. In recent months FOC has invited fifteen young and promising 3D designers from all parts of the world to become part of the FOC Talents network. The designs that they will create based on the quarterly design briefs will be sold in the FOC online store. To see the profiles of the chosen Talents, click here.

To see the design brief read on.

General info

Submission deadline: March 1st 2010
Jury: Ted Noten, Janne Kyttanen and third person still to be announced
First prize: 3D Print in metal of the winning design and € 250,- in prize money
Announcement of winning Talent: March 15th 2010 on the FOC website

'The Most Boring' an introduction by Ted Noten

Through the centuries of mankind jewellery was the first artistic expression. It was not so much about esthetics or originality; it had more a symbolic function. When the first hunters managed to kill a dangerous animal they hammered the teeth out of them and with a simple string they decorated themselves to show off to the others that they were brave and heroic.

Much later colours, beads/feathers and other items were used and to show off got more and more important. Still in ethnic cultures this extravagance plays an important role.

In the western world we reduced the jewellery to less bling-blings. There are exceptions of course, in subcultures related to music or like in the sixties when the punkers made an anti-jewellery statement by piercing themselves with nails and safety-pins. Beside fashion, which is an active every six month evolution item, jewellery follows timidly.

Mainly two jewellery pieces all over the world have a universal language. Their appearance is accepted and understood: the pearl necklace and the wedding ring. Let's leave the pearl necklace out, because it is frigid, boring and in my eyes there is not much to revolutionize.

Let's concentrate on the wedding rings. It always deeply surprised me that the wedding ring has such a boring appearance. Two people decide to connect forever and they all wear the same stuff. Gold and incidentally they put a little white gold with it or a little red gold or...


In the design it should be clear that the participant did research on the phenomenon Wedding-Rings through history and in different cultures. Together with the design, you should write a short (A4) text accompanied with visuals to show your research and final conclusions (in a ppt-format). In the design it should be clear that 3D Printing and the nylon material were the only way to realize the design. So to say: technology and material follow function and its aesthetics.

Technical details

- E-mail the 3D Printable file in .STL format (only the final version!) and the ppt-file to [email protected]. If the 3D file is over 10Mb you have probably done over 3 mesh smooth iterations, which is too many
- The ring design should fit inside the provided bounding box/packaging and have an inside diameter of 17mm
- Each ring will be sold in only one color, selected by the Talent. There are four options to choose from: Full black, Lime green, Chocolate brown and Mid red

Login to the protected Talents website section to view tutorials, see the available colors and to download the 3D file that serves as bounding box/packaging for your design.

*Only submissions from pre-selectedTalents will be reviewed for this design brief! In exceptional cases FOC will invite additional Talents to the network. If you think you are a talented designer with advanced CAD skills, you can apply by sending your portfolio to [email protected].