The winner of the third contest is with his hanging light design ‘Cresco’. When creating his design Pekka conducted research into nature systems, instead of just nature shapes. Cresco means ‘multiply’ in Latin and the design is a mixture of nature mathematics and self invented shapes. The light is officially added to the FOC Collection.

The  2010-Q3 jury consisted of Janne Kyttanen, Saskia Bakker (owner of Edha) and Jeroen Jobse (partner of Now Is Here). Saskia and Jeroen are in daily contact with many lighting clients. They found that the classical look&feel, with an Arabic touch, matches a rising demand amongst their clients. The jury was also unanimous about the design having a strong unique identity as well as being coherent with the FOC Collection. The Cresco light is now for sale for €547 (incl. 19% VAT) and can be purchased from FOC distributors and retailers or in the FOC online store

An honorable mention goes to Studio Mango with ‘Dorothy’. The basis for this design was the less friendly face of nature: “The natural phenomena which can destroy us are visually no less beautiful than a blooming flower or a humming bird”