D2P minimizes the need for technical expertise and eases the adoption of printing technologies by the healthcare community

  • D2P is a stand-alone modular software package that is designed to address and consolidate all 3D model segmentation and preparation steps into one workstation. It relies on unique automatic segmentation tools that minimizes the effort and time associated with the creation of a patient-specific anatomical model.

    Seamlessly linked to 3D Systems printer of choice and advanced visualization applications, this medical device intended for pre-operative surgical planning and allows for the export of 3D models in various file formats that can be used by numerous applications.

    Don’t miss this 30 minute D2P webinar recording that provides a software overview and demo.

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  • VR Render
  • D2P Dicom to Print
  • Segmentation for CMF
  • Testimonials

  • Dr. Achille Tarsitano Testimonial

    Maxillofacial Surgeon at Bologna University Hospital uses D2P Software in Research Project

    Complex anatomy is studied via D2P software so that safe, surgical margins can be identified around tumors.  D2P also helps with communication between team members, training of the residents and patient-doctor relationship building.


  • Laura Cercenelli Testimonial

    D2P Software is Intuitive with Effective, Automatic Segmentation Tools

    Bioengineering lab saves time with D2P software that converts patient-specific data to 3D models for vascular, maxillofacial and urological applications at Bologna University Hospital – St. Orsola-Malpighi Polyclinic.

  • Prof. Sarouji
    Prof. Sarouji

    Galilee Medical Clinic is Changing the Face of CMF Surgery

    The craniomaxillofacial unit is pioneering in-house end-to-end surgical planning workflow, in which physicians have the knowhow for using 3D Systems’ surgical planning applications and 3D printing.

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  • Dr. Barry Katzen Testimonial
  • The Use of 3D Printed Models for Pre-Operative Patient Briefing

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