• ARTHRO Mentor Platforms

    The ARTHRO Mentor simulators offer state-of-the-art training tools for learning and practicing hands-on arthroscopic procedures.

    Each platform is fully compatible with all simulation modules from basic arthroscopic skills to complete procedure training.
    The ARTHRO Mentor platforms enable constant addition of new training modules.

    ARTHRO Mentor II
    • Height adjustable platform
    • Robotic arms for dynamic haptics
    • Interchangeable knee/shoulder/hip models with Integrated storage
    • Fully articulated knee model that can be extended/bent and be applied with Varus/Valgus
    • Shoulder model in beach chair and lateral decubitus positions
    • Hip model in supine and lateral decubitus positions
    • Foot pedals and arthroscopic handles

    ARTHRO Mentor II



    The brand new ARTHRO Mentor Express allows practicing all ARTHRO Mentor tasks
    and procedures on an affordable tabletop platform.

    Unique features:

    • Quick and simple setup and repacking
    • Portable: carried by one regular size suitcase and one carry-on
    • One universal anatomical model that includes:
      1. Knee arthroscopy in two positions: flexed and extended
      2. Shoulder arthroscopy in two positions: Beach Chair and Lateral
      3. Hip arthroscopy in Supine position

    ARTHRO Express