The SuperBox, a combined patent-pending hardware/software solution, is the first of its kind in the industry.

Givat Shmuel, Israel – September 7, 2010 – Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT), a leading provider of integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts, announced a new CimatronE product, the SuperBox, a first-of-its-kind device that reduces the load on computers and speeds up toolpath calculations for multiple NC programmers.

"Up to 50% of a typical NC user's day can be consumed by long toolpath calculations," said Roy Sterenthal, Cimatron's VP of R&D. "And even if these calculations are done in the background, they put a very significant load on the user's PC resources. Anything that can free up the user's computer and expedite these calculations results in a huge productivity boost for NC users, and that was our aim when we developed the SuperBox."

The SuperBox, a combined Hardware/Software solution, only requires a power outlet and a network connection within the customer premises. Once the SuperBox is plugged in, all CimatronE NC seats automatically offload most of their calculation tasks to it, thereby freeing up resources of individual work stations. The SuperBox contains a state-of-the-art multi-core CPU and ample RAM, so calculation rates are significantly increased as well.

To push performance even higher, the SuperBox can execute multiple concurrent procedure calculations (for procedures with no stock dependency, as in Finish), which shortens total calculation time for entire projects.

"The central concept of the SuperBox is that it's simple," said Danny Haran, Cimatron's CEO. "You plug the SuperBox in, and everyone starts working faster. That's all: no training, no implementation process, no headache. It is truly plug-and-play. NC Programmers save precious time and improve their programming experience, and managers are pleased because they can leverage the increase in productivity."

The SuperBox architecture is fully scalable, and multiple SuperBoxes can be used to support more users and heavier workloads; the more you have, the faster you get.

The SuperBox will be premiered at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), September 13-18, Chicago, IL, USA. The Cimatron Group booth number at IMTS is E-3810.

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