Enhancements significantly expand GibbsCAM's high speed machining functionality.

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM software for programming CNC machine tools, announced today that a suite of 3-axis enhancements for GibbsCAM will be released as part of GibbsCAM 2008. These 3-axis enhancements will further extend GibbsCAM's existing machining capability and provide the user with a complete range of milling functionality with support for high speed machining.


"As we expand on GibbsCAM's world class production machining capabilities, we provide more control and flexibility in toolpath generation with integral high speed machining support," states Bill Gibbs, founder and president of Gibbs and Associates. "The new 3-axis surface machining capabilities that we will be releasing continues in the tradition of GibbsCAM's unique blend of ease-of-use and powerful functionality; a combination that can't be beaten in production machining."

The new advanced 3-axis functionality introduces a wide variety of new capabilities, such as 3D rest milling which focuses machining only on remaining material to be removed, minimizing air cutting and significantly reducing cutting time. Multiple containment areas and avoidance areas allow precise control of toolpath to efficiently control the machining process. The user can also specify that the toolpath generated by the new 3-axis functionality has no sharp corners, optimized for high-speed machining. New machining techniques are also included that consider the slope of the surfaces being machined resulting in toolpath with a true constant step over, minimizing tool wear, improving surface finish, and cutting the part faster.

"One of the major advantages of these 3-axis enhancements is that they produce beautiful tool path," explains Mr. Gibbs. "The quality of the toolpath they generate is really very good; it is very smooth, very accurate, doesn't gouge, is connected up very nicely, minimizes retracts and extra entries/exits, has tangential blends on and off the part, spirals and ramps in and out of the material, and doesn't have vertical wall sensitivities. High quality toolpath like this is very important to machinists doing precision, high-quality machining."

GibbsCAM 2008 is expected to be released later this year. For more information about GibbsCAM, send an inquiry to [email protected]. Information about GibbsCAM is also available at the company's website, www.GibbsCAM.com.