GibbsCAM certified support for TB-DECO [a-line] machine tools to be demonstrated.

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM®, software for programming CNC machine tools, announce that GibbsCAM will be demonstrated at the upcoming Tornos Tech Days event, held October 18th and 19th at Tornos' facility in Lombard, Illinois. GibbsCAM has been certified by Tornos for their TB-DECO [a-line] single spindle Swiss machine tools. This certification resulted after a close collaboration between the two companies to ensure that GibbsCAM successfully generated part programs with zero errors. This event will be the official roll-out of GibbsCAM support of the Tornos TB-DECO [a-line] machine tools in the US.

"We worked closely with Tornos in the main corporate facility in Switzerland," states Robb Weinstein, Gibbs' Senior VP of Sales and Strategic Planning, "to ensure that GibbsCAM completely supported Tornos' TB-DECO [a-line] machine tools. Their certification process was comprehensive and ensures that GibbsCAM meets the programming requirements of these special CNC machine tools."

The close working relationship between Gibbs and Tornos facilitated special functionality specific to Tornos which makes the GibbsCAM solution for Tornos ideal for users. For example, when defining a new tool in GibbsCAM, a Tornos user will automatically get original TB-DECO Tornos recommended values for each tool type and depending on the machine type defined. Unlike other systems which require the user to enter in tool length data, tools are created in GibbsCAM with the TB-DECO recommended values. The GibbsCAM TB-DECO post for each unique machine model has error-free tool length data without requiring any changes to be made. Using standard values as defaults ensure that the resulting CNC program is error free; the potential for errors only exists when the user manually changes a tool value from the defaults. The system also provides a way to reset all the tool values back to their default with a simple reset.

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