GibbsCAM dramatically illustrates "Manufacturing Technologies for Global Competitiveness" theme

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM®, software for programming CNC machine tools, announced today that GibbsCAM will be demonstrated at the upcoming Mazak Open House, held at the Mazak Corporate headquarters in Florence, Kentucky on December 4th – 6th. During the Open House, demonstrations of GibbsCAM will highlight the theme of the event – "Manufacturing Technologies for Global Competitiveness".

"It is a real pleasure for us to be supporting Mazak at this Open House," states Roger Ablett, Gibbs' Manager of their Strategic Partner Program, who is responsible for Gibbs' relationship with Mazak worldwide. "We have been attending Mazak Open Houses around the world and GibbsCAM is being very well received. Gibbs works closely with Mazak to ensure that GibbsCAM fully supports Mazak's complete product line of machine tools, allowing Mazak customers to realize a return on their investment sooner. Mazak's machine tools, especially their multi-tasking models, clearly demonstrate the level of competitiveness realized through advanced manufacturing technologies." Mazak

The latest version of GibbsCAM will be demonstrated at the Mazak Open House including versions of the GibbsCAM MTM (Multi-Task Machining) and Machine Simulation modules which have been specifically configured for Mazak machine tools. GibbsCAM MTM provides a powerful, yet easy to use means to program advance multi-tasking machine tools, such as Mazak Integrex line, allowing the user to focus on developing the most optimal program for their machine. GibbsCAM Machine Simulation provides a virtual environment, which can be used prove-out machine setup saving setup time on the machine tool, and a simulation of the machine tool's motions, allowing potential crashes and inefficiencies to be identified and corrected before running the program on the shop floor. GibbsCAM's factory-supplied post processors for Mazak machine tools ensure G-code can be run without hand editing.

For more information about GibbsCAM and Mazak, or to locate your local GibbsCAM Reseller, go to, call 1-800-654-9399, or email [email protected].