Seoul, South Korea - June 17, 2009, INUS Technology, Inc.(, the developer of Rapidform® 3D scanning software, announced that it will demonstrate the latest Rapidform innovations in 3D scanning software at DMS 2009 from June 24TH to 26TH, at the TOKYO BIG SIGHT exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan. DMS is the best place in the Japanese market to exhibit every type of system, tool and technology for manufacturing companies, and is recognized as one of the most important exhibitions among designers and developers from all areas of the manufacturing industry. INUS Technology will present its latest technologies at booth 11-32.

INUS Technology continues its campaign to offer point processing with seamless CAD compatibility. INUS Technology will present the only 3rd Generation(3G) reverse engineering software, Rapidform XOR/Redesign™, taking scan data into CAD in less time and with higher, provable accuracy. For inspection, Rapidform will highlight the newly released XOV/Verifier™, the fully CAD compatible inspection tool, supporting scanning and probing, with full GD&T capabilities. Also on display will be InspectWorks™, INUS' inspection plug-in for SolidWorks). Finally, INUS will showcase Rapidform XOS/Scan™, the 2G verbatim modeler, as well as Rapidform Explorer™, the new viewer for all your 3D data. INUS Technology invites all comers to bring their reverse engineering and inspection questions, and to explore Rapidform's solutions for your scanning needs.

Calvin J. Hur, senior vice president of marketing & global sales, said, "The Japanese market has been the biggest 3D scanning market as one country, and it has recognized the real value of Rapidform software. It has honored Rapidform as the de-facto standard point-cloud software for 3D scanning applications in Japan. From that point of view, the DMS show must be one of the most important events, which would be the best chance to show our up-to-date developments and on-going innovations to the global market, not only to the Japanese market. For a couple of months in the course of launching Rapidform XOV2 in the global market, we have been having a Rapidform XOV2 Launching Global Road Show to first show our newest software to the opinion leaders and key customers in the high-end industrial quality assurance fields. As for the opinion leaders' reaction at the first glance at Rapidform XOV2, it's literally awesome. Actually it's more than expected, which made us think over again we're on the right track for the quality assurance applications as well as the reverse design field with Rapidform XOR2. Now it's time for the Japanese market to experience our outstanding innovation through this DMS show."

The following lists our main products and their key features that will be demonstrated:
Rapidform XOR/Redesign™ is the first 3G software solution that allows direct, parametric solid modeling from 3D scan data. Rapidform XOR allows you to make idealized CAD models, showing the designer's original intent, while removing the imperfections of field worn parts or noisy scan data. XOR creates these models in 1/3 the time of 2G methods, by removing the unnecessary intermediate steps of mesh modeling and NURBS surface modeling. The learning curve is shorter too, due to a user interface and CAD constructs that are instantly familiar to CAD users. XOR embodies its tag line: "Do It Once, Do it Right".

Rapidform XOV/Verifier™ is the ideal solution for inspecting parts with a 3D scanner. It borrows powerful concepts from the CAD world: each inspection process generates a history tree describing the sequence through which subsequent data sets will be tested, so the test designer can easily modify the test process, and the operator can execute the inspection process either with a single data set, on line, or in batch mode. XOV imports the GD&T information directly from the CAD source for fewer data entry and interpretation errors.

Rapidform XOS/Scan™ is Rapidform's 2G modeler, offering the shortest path from scan to mesh to surface models, with the most automation and the fewest button clicks. XOS's favorable price point means it is the best value for verbatim modeling, for applications where the data is not destined for use in the CAD environment (such as medical, artistic, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and direct copying via machining or rapid prototyping).

Rapidform.dll™ is the world's first point processing SDK (Software Development Kit) for 3D application developers. It provides core functionality that enables developers of Rapidform.dll-based products to rapidly deploy point, mesh and surfacing functions into their products.

InspectWorks™ is the world's first third-party SolidWorks add-in for quick, first-article inspection from 3D scan data. With InspectWorks, a design engineer can quickly check the part using a 3D scanner to get a 1st article verification of the part's dimensions, enabling the design engineer to use the tolerances defined in SolidWorks' "DimExpert" to execute the inspection plan and catch dimensional problems in early design stages.

Rapidform EXPLORER™ is a free standalone software package for collaboration involving 3D data. With Rapidform EXPLORER, you can view, communicate and share inspection reports; as well as dense point clouds, polygonal meshes, curves, surfaces and solid models. EXPLORER offers instant measuring, markup, inspection analysis and collaboration.

About INUS Technology Inc. INUS Technology helps companies unlock the power of 3D scanning.  The company's software solutions are the most widely installed products for reverse engineering, 3D imaging and inspection using 3D scan data around the globe.  Rapidform makes 3D scanning an extremely powerful tool for a variety of applications and is used in fields such as manufacturing, R&D, quality inspection, medical research and civil engineering.  Leading companies including Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Panasonic, Oakley, Samsung, Sony, Alcoa, and Benteler use Rapidform's advanced technology to innovate throughout their research, design, manufacturing and quality control processes.  For more information, please visit