• Which 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is Right for You?

    To make sure you get the most out of 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS, different software editions are available to choose from: 

    Standard Edition

    Prepare your design for printing based on mostly automatic tools. The standard edition also allows you to experiment and evaluate some of the professional lattice design add-on features. Exporting and slicing of the professional lattice design options is not included with this edition.

  • Educational Edition

    The Educational edition includes the functionality of the Professional edition plus the Advanced Lattice and Build Simulation Pro add-ons. The educational suite includes a single license for the teacher and student licenses for the class. The Educational edition can be purchased only by educational institutes and can be used only for non-commercial purposes. 

  • Professional Edition

    Prepare and optimize your design for printing using professional lattice design capabilities, advanced control over printing technologies strategies and advanced preparation for print like stress analysis and sinter box. 

  • Add-ons

    Several Add-ons can be purchased on top of the Standard and Professional editions:

    Add-on 1: Professional Lattice (*)- Utilize advanced volume and surface lattice design and editing options

    Add-on 2: Advanced Lattice - Advanced development suite for customized lattice structures, including FEA-based lattice analysis and optimization

    Add-on 3: Build Simulation Pro - Simulate build to detect build failures before sending to print

    (*) This Add-on is available only for the Standard edition. Included in the Professional Edition.

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Direct data transfer from / to SOLIDWORKS yes yes yes
Read native SOLIDWORKS and many other standard data formats (e.g. STL, STEP, IGES, 3MF) yes yes yes
Printability checks yes yes yes
Print time and material usage estimation yes yes yes
Orientation and positioning for print including orientation optimization yes yes yes
Mend and prepare part geometry using direct modeling and mesh tools yes yes yes
Automated implementation of geometrical changes (ECO) yes yes yes
Automated templates-based supports design yes yes yes
Standard volume & surface lattice yes yes yes
Standard Infill yes yes yes
Split large parts and create joints for post printing assembly (Joint-Cut) yes yes yes
Text / Barcode / QR code labeling yes yes yes
2D/3D arrangement of parts on the tray yes yes yes
Export as generic CAD (Parasolid, STEP, VRML etc.), STL, 3MF, 3D PDF or slicing data (CLI, SLC) yes yes yes
Professional lattice and infill design suite 

Add-On 1:

Professional Lattice

yes yes
Advanced development suite for lattice structures including user defined lattice and FEA-based lattice analysis & optimization 

Add-On 2:

Advanced Lattice

Add-On 2:

Advanced Lattice

Simulate to detect build failures before sending to print

Add-On 3:

Build Simulation Pro

Add-On 3:

Build Simulation Pro

Geometrical-based residual stress analysis orientation optimization - yes yes
Complete solid & surface parametric CAD toolset - yes yes
Assign multiple printing technologies and multiple layer thicknesses per zone (3D Zoning) - yes yes
Create protective crate around parts you wish to keep together (sinter box) - yes yes
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