Super Fast Electrode Design and Manufacturing

Almost 40
years of experience in the mold market
reduction in time to pull and burn electrodes
  • Mold Shops Deliver High-Quality Molds Faster

    Learn how switching to an integrated, dedicated CAD/CAM software solution helped mold makers reduce delivery time, improve mold quality, and maximize ROI.

  • Design Quickly

    Reduce design time by 80% using advanced tools for easy selection of burning surfaces, create and reuse templates to complete designs in seconds

  • Error- Free

    Automatically create inspection drawings for each of the electrodes, check for possible collisions and easily generate a drawing of the complete EDM process

  • “Lights out” Functionality

    The level of preparation and precision of the project that can be attained will enable automated runs when the shop is closed saving valuable time 

Customer Stories
3D Systems' Cimatron offered strong capabilities for mold making needs and allowed all CAD and CAM processes to be performed with the one software.... Read more >

"We estimate that our production time using CimatronE has been reduced by 30-35%." - Peter Pakulla, CEO

... Read more >

"Error-free production has become the reality at Gira thanks to Cimatron’s automated electrode solution." - Gerhard Gebauer, Manager of Plastic Processing and Mold Construction

... Read more >


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