• Bryan Newbrite, Aerospace Engineer with 3D Systems, shares his prototyping expertise.

  • Your Business. Our Expertise.

    We invented Stereolithography in 1986 with one purpose - to produce 3D printed parts that you can use

    Explore our portfolio of case studies to learn how we have helped companies like yours to be successful. Our 3D printing experts can help you to choose the best 3D printers, materials or software for your industry or specific application. 

  • See how Artforge Studio uses 3D printing with FabPro for greater productivity.

  • Small But Mighty. Meet FabPro.

    Ideal for designers, engineers and more.

    We’ve packed in 30 years of know-how into this entry-level industrial printer for you with materials developed for a range of applications and the software, post-processing accessories, service and support you need.

  • 3D printed metal parts
    Topology optimized exhaust pipe design delivers part consolidation and lighter weight with titanium metal 3D printing.
  • Make it in Metal or Produce it in Plastic.

    The vision and technical specifications for your final product drive every aspect of your additive investment

    Our extensive portfolio of 3D printing materials covers the widest range of applications and performance characteristics in the industry, with plastic, elastomer, composite, wax, metal, bio-compatibility and more.

  • Find out more about what 3D Systems can do for healthcare industries.

  • Healthcare Made Personal.

    We are the pioneer for 3D healthcare solutions that improve outcomes for patients, surgeons, dentist, medical OEMs, and dental labs

    From virtual surgical simulations to patient-specific anatomical models or dental manufacturing, we have the expertise to help you.

“The NextDent 5100 has given us the power to dramatically reduce the build time of a model from as much as six hours down to 25 minutes."
—Sebastiaan Cornelissen, CEO, Cordent and Core3Dcentres Benelux
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