ROCK HILL, South Carolina, February 28, 2012 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) announced today that PDR, an experienced, U.K. based, medical modelling organization,  has chosen Accura® ClearVue™ for its medical modelling business. Accura® ClearVue™ is an ultra-clear print material that delivers Polycarbonate and ABS-like performance for snap fit applications and meets the rigorous requirements of USP Class VI.

The Medical Application Group at PDR, the National Centre for Product Design and Development Research, conduct applied research in the field of medical devices and anatomic models and provide patient specific medical models to the National Health Service for improved surgery planning and patient security in the operating theatre. Accura® ClearVue™ allows them to selectively color-mark critical areas, like a tumor, while allowing a clear view of internal features and structures.  The models are used for pre-surgical planning and in the operating theatre for reference to assist the surgeon with complex procedures.

Dr. Dominic Eggbeer, head of the Medical Applications Group at PDR, summarizes: “We were looking for a high productivity SLA® material that offered extremely good transparency, the ability to highlight anatomical features for medical models and enable the production of parts that could be used for a broad range of medical and industrial applications. Accura® ClearVue™ has met all our requirements and is an extremely beneficial addition to our portfolio of additive manufacturing solutions.”


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About PDR

PDR is a world renowned design and innovation consultancy and research centre. Its Medical Application Group (MAG) helps companies and clinicians harness new technologies for patient-specific medical devices. Through the application of cutting-edge product development techniques and close links to medical professionals, we are focused on delivering innovative new solutions to modern healthcare needs. The Medical Application Group utilizes the latest in digital design and fabrication technologies to support surgical procedures, rehabilitation and medical device design.

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