All-in-One, Integrated Software for Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Prepare, optimize, and 3D print high-quality parts in record time with an all-in-one, integrated 3D additive manufacturing software that streamlines workflow, from design to post-processing.

single software solution replaces multiple
productivity increase
faster file-processing time
  • 3DXpert Overview Video

    3DXpert overview video

  • What is 3DXpert?

    3DXpert® supports every step of the AM workflow, from design to post-processing. You can streamline your AM process to transition quickly and efficiently from a 3D CAD model to a high-quality, 3D-printed part. 3DXpert is the best solution for the disruptive shift from rapid prototyping to serial AM production.

    • Streamlined workflow—from design to post processing
    • CAD-based design for additive manufacturing (DfAM)
    • Unprecedented optimization for AM
    • Supports multiple CAD software solutions and both plastic and metal printers
  • What Can You Do with 3DXpert?

    3DXpert has features for importing, positioning, modifying, optimizing, designing, simulating, analyzing, and programming post-processing operations. 3DXpert is ideal for include innovative assemblies that reduce part counts and provide greater strength and efficiency, including optimized structure and lower weight. Some typical use cases include:

    • Brackets and blades with optimized structures
    • Patient-specific implants
    • Low-volume production of standard implants
    • Complex anatomical shapes and surgical implants with surface lattice
    • Conformal cooling inserts
  • 3DXpert Features

    Learn about the features available in 3DXpert for importing, positioning, modifying, optimizing, designing, simulating, analyzing, and more.

  • With 3DXpert, you no longer need to go back and forth between several different solutions to get the job done. Now you can use the same software to:

    1. Import native part data directly from CAD.
    2. Position the part and modify it for printability.
    3. Optimize the geometry and create lattice structures.
    4. Create optimal supports.
    5. Simulate printing and post-processing to ensure a successful print.
    1. Set optimal printing strategies.
    2. Calculate the scan path.
    3. Arrange the build platform.
    4. Program machining of the final product.
    5. Send to print for any industrial printer.
  • What's New in 3DXpert?

    3DXpert 15 focuses on supporting the shift from rapid prototyping to serial production. New features and enhancements shorten the design-to-manufacturing lead time, minimize manufacturing costs, and optimize design structure.

    • New automated support generation. Shorten preparation time and reduce manufacturing costs.
    • New lattice QuickSlice slicer engine. Shorten slicing time for high-volume lattice structures.
    • Enhanced build simulation analysis. Visualize simulation results more clearly.
    • Enhanced multi-technology support. Use a single AM software for all of your printing facilities.
  • Automatically-generated power supports

  • 3D Nesting

    3D nesting for SLS printer

  • How Can You Buy 3DXpert?

    3DXpert offers licenses and bundled software license packages that include first-year software maintenance:

    • 3DXpert Basic package: For basic and automated 3D printing preparation tasks of simple plastic and metal parts
    • 3DXpert Standard package: For professional plastic or metal engineers
    • 3DXpert Professional package: For professional designers and engineers who require advanced design tools in addition to standard part preparation
    • 3DXpert Ultimate package: The ultimate package for additive manufacturing production
    • 3DXpert Educational (plus 3DXpert Student) package: A 3DXpert Ultimate-equivalent option for education/academic and research institutions that includes up to 10 student licenses (non-commercial use)
    • 3DXpert Dental package: For automating the workflow of preparing and printing dental parts
    • 3DXpert operator license: For machine operators who require tray management only

    In addition, you can customize your workflow with additional 3DXpert add-ons as needed.


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“With 3DXpert, we didn’t just shift from using multiple software solutions to one—we completely changed and streamlined our entire workflow.”
— Ronen Sharon, CEO, Sharon Tuvia (1982) Ltd., Ness Ziona, Israel


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